About us

About Te Haerenga o Ngā Tamariki

This student travel data collection programme is a Waka Kotahi NZ Transport Agency initiative.

The goal of the programme is to collect data about how primary school children in Aotearoa New Zealand get to school. There is currently little to no data available. If we have more data about how students travel to school, we can make more informed decisions and design better road safety and travel choice programmes.

Our journey

We have been working with schools, teachers and students to develop this tool over the last two years. Our first trial was in March 2022 and we are repeating this opportunity in 2023 in association with Greater Wellington. This is just the first step on a longer journey.

Movin’March information

The trial will allow us to find out if teachers can successfully use the system with their class, collect data, enjoy the process and see value in participating.

If the trial is successful, we will start rolling out the programme nationally, enabling teachers and children from schools all over New Zealand to participate. In turn, this will generate a clear, comparable national database helping us understand how all children in New Zealand travel to school in the morning.

We can then use this data to contribute to the uptake and design of road safety initiatives and programmes.

The programme values of Te Haerenga o Ngā Tamariki

Child led – Students are the ones telling us how they get to school by entering their own transport data. We want them to be at the centre of the process and be active participants.

Quick and easy – Participation, including student data entry, is simple and not disruptive to teachers and the school day.

Accessible and without judgment – All students must be able to participate (or not) in the programme, and there will be no judgement put on individual children, no matter their mode of transport.

Anonymous and secure – Multiple security measures in the system ensure individual children cannot be identified from the data they enter.

Any data is better than no data – We want teachers to be able to use this system with their class flexibly, in a way that works for them and their situation.